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A Uniform International Sales Law Terminology

Vikki M. Rogers, Albert H. Kritzer

A Uniform International Sales Law Terminology
Vikki M. Rogers  *  and Albert H. Kritzer  **    1 

I. Introduction

II. Learning from History: The Impact of Legal Research Methodology on the Substantive Interpretation and Development of the Law

1. Development of Case Reporters in England and the United States  33 
2. The Impact of West's Case Digest System on American Research Methodologies and the Development of Substantive Law  58 

III. A New Frontier: Organization and Dissemination of Materials on International Sales Law

1. Methodologies Currently Established for Retrieval of International Sales Law
2. Problems with Current Information Retrieval Systems for International Sales Law
3. Uniform International Sales Law Indexing Language
4. Relationships Established Between the Descriptors
A. Does Free-Text Searching or Boolean Logic Eliminate the Need for an International Sales Law Indexing Language?

IV. Conclusion

V. Addendum: A Further Illustration of the Structure of an Information Retrieval Thesaurus




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